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“Comparison of patient factors and surgical graft material for successful pediatric myringoplasty following ventilation tube insertion”

Jin Soo Song, Paul Hong, Gerard Corsten, Liane Johnson


Background: Further clarification is required to delineate the influence of patient variables and graft material on successful pediatric myringoplasty following ventilation tube insertion.

Methods: A retrospective review of pediatric patients who underwent myringoplasty between 2013-2018 following ventilation tube insertion. Patient demographics, comorbidities, audiometric data and graft material were correlated with successful TM closure on follow up examination.

Results: 120 patients underwent myringoplasty, with 61 (50.8%) males with a mean age of 8.9 years old. 101 (84.2%) of patients eventually received TM closure, with 93 (77.5%) demonstrating closure at initial follow up. Mean time to closure was 5.6 (standard error (SE) 0.9) months. A multivariate Cox proportional hazards model demonstrated none of the covariates including graft material significantly affected TM closure. Mean change in air conduction threshold were comparable between graft materials.

Conclusions: The rate of closure and improvement in objective hearing are comparable between graft materials following pediatric myringoplasty.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives: To detail the influence of patient variables and surgical graft material on clinically successful myringoplasty following ventilation tube insertion in a pediatric population.

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Corresponding Author: Dr. Jin Soo Song

Senior Author: Dr. Liane Johnson

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