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“Surgical Interventions for the Treatment of Ankyloglossia: A Systematic Review and Subgroup Analysis of Conventional Frenotomy, Laser Frenotomy and Z-plasty”

Usman Khan, Jake Macpherson, Paul Hong


Objectives: To evaluate the benefits of conventional (CF), laser (LF) and Z-plasty (ZF) frenotomies for the treatment of ankyloglossia in the pediatric population.

Methods: A comprehensive search of PUBMED, EMBASE and COCHRANE databases was performed, and articles were assessed by two reviewers independently according to the PRISMA criteria.

Results: Initial search identified a total of 1036 articles. Thirty-six articles assessing CF (30, n=1894), LF (3, n=88) and/or ZF (3, n=218) met the inclusion criteria. Standardized breast-feeding outcomes included maternal nipple pain (MNP; VAS scale), LATCH scores and BSES scores. Other outcomes were speech, surgical complications, surgery time, bleeding and tongue mobility. CF was supported by a higher quality of evidence when compared to other interventions. Pooled analysis of studies utilizing standardized assessment tools demonstrated improvement in MNP for CF and LF.

Conclusions: There is no established benefit of laser or z-plasty over conventional frenotomy for the treatment of ankyloglossia.

Learning Objectives

  1. To provide recommendations regarding the benefits of different surgical methods for the treatment of ankyloglossia.
  2. To provide insights into the quality of evidence available for comparing outcomes of different surgical interventions when treating ankyloglossia.
  3. To outline the variety of outcomes assessed in the international literature for determining the effectiveness of different types of frenotomies.

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Senior Author: Dr. Paul Hong

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