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“Development of hematoma relative to timing of postoperative drain removal following parotidectomy”

Veronique Wan Fook Cheung, Veronique Wan Fook Cheung, Oleksandr Butskiy


Objective: To determine if following parotidectomy the timing of drain removal, 4 hours versus longer than 1 day post-operatively, affected hematoma and seroma rates in our practice.

Methods: We reviewed all consecutive patients over a 10 year-period who underwent a parotidectomy by the senior author. We then performed single and multivariable analyses of hematoma and seroma rates based on drain removal timing, 4 hours versus longer than 1 day post-operatively, controlling for age, revision surgery, extent of dissection, and anticoagulant use.

Results: 526 patients satisfied the inclusion criteria: 235 (44.7%) with drains removed after 4 hours, and 291 (55.3%) with drain removed on post-operative day 1 or later. There was no statistical difference in post-operative hematoma (2.6% vs 0.7%, p=0.15) and seroma (2.1% vs 1%, p=0.48) rates between the groups.

Conclusion: The timing of drain removal following parotidectomy appears to have no significant impact on hematoma and seroma rates.

Learning Objectives

  1. To review the current literature on drain removal timing following parotid surgery
  2. To develop an understanding of how timing of drain removal might affect the rate of seroma and hematoma formation

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This 7 minute presentation is scheduled to take place on June 4, 2019 at 14:25 in the Salon 9/10.

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Corresponding Author: Dr. Oleksandr Butskiy

Senior Author: Dr. Donald Anderson

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