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“Does additional tonsillectomy education reduce postoperative emergency department visits?”

Chandni Jain, Marc Levin, Heather Hardy, Vaibhav Gupta, Diane Reid


Objective: To evaluate whether additional preoperative tonsillectomy education results in fewer ED visits and readmissions in the immediate postoperative period compared to standard care.

Methods: Retrospective chart review in a high-volume pediatric hospital. Children undergoing tonsillectomy (from 2014-2018) were divided into three groups: surgeon-led education (SE), SE plus educational booklet (SEB), and SEB plus Child Life Specialist consultation (SEB+CLS). The 30-day ED visit & readmission rates were compared between groups.

Results: Of 1784 patients undergoing tonsillectomy, 290 (19.6%) presented to the ED (within median 5 days) and 91 (5.1%) were readmitted. ED visit/readmission rates by group were: 15.7%/5.1% (SEB+CLS), 19.4%/4.3% (SEB), and 18.7%/5.4% (SE; p=0.49/0.63). Subgroup analysis showed greatest benefit of SEB+CLS for patients aged 7-12 years (12.7% ED visit rate) compared to SE (20.9%; p=0.34).

Conclusions: We found a trend toward decreased ED visits in patients receiving additional tonsillectomy education, with the greatest response in patients aged 7-12 years.

Learning Objectives

  1. By the end of this session, medical students, residents, and staff members in the audience will be more aware of and better able to describe the issue surrounding higher postoperative emergency department visits following pediatric tonsillectomy compared to other pediatric day surgeries.
  2. By the end of this presentation, audience members will be able to list the most common complications and age groups contributing to the higher postoperative tonsillectomy emergency department visits.
  3. Audience members will be able to value the role that Child Life Specialists may play in pediatric tonsillectomy consultations.
  4. Audience members will be able to consider different interventions and their impact on reducing these postoperative emergency department and readmission rates.
  5. By the end of this session, residents and staff Otolaryngologists will be able to implement changes in their practice to address this issue.

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This 7 minute presentation is scheduled to take place on June 3, 2019 at 14:35 in the Hall C.

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Corresponding Author: Dr. Chandni Jain

Senior Author: Dr. Diane Rein

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