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“Accelerating Clinical Access and Implementation of Novel Hearing Therapeutics by Early Health Economic Modelling” Evie Landry, Matthew Su, Mirre Scholte, Rishi Mandavia, Helen Blackshaw, Maroeska Rovers, Anne Schilder



In order to accelerate the uptake of innovations, health economic modelling can be applied at early stages of development to assess the potential added value of new therapies.


A decision-analytic model was developed to assess the costs and effects of using novel regenerative hearing therapeutics in patients over the age of 50 with age-related sensorineural hearing loss (ARHL). Four different analyses were conducted: 1) headroom analysis; 2) threshold analysis; 3) cost-effectiveness; and 4) sensitivity analyses.


The decision model showed that novel therapeutics for ARHL have potential value both in terms of improved patient outcomes, as well as cost-effectiveness. The base case analysis revealed an ICER of £11,690/QALY (95%CI:£8,810/QALY-£19,058/QALY). The most important uncertainties identified were the estimates of efficacy, uptake and cost used in the model.


Early health economic modelling shows that with novel hearing therapeutics for ARHL, QALYs can be gained cost-effectively under current willingness-to-pay thresholds.

Learning Objectives

  1. To better understand how health economic modelling at early stages of development of new therapeutics can be used to direct product development, market access, and pricing.
  2. Through the application of early health economic modelling to the realm of age-related hearing loss, learners will be able to assess the potential added value of novel hearing therapeutics as compared with the current standard of care under different conditions and demonstrate how these therapeutics have potential value in terms of both improved patient outcome as well as cost-effectiveness.
  3. Finally, this study will help learners identify important areas for future research and will stress the importance of this early health technology assessment in accelerating the implementation of novel hearing therapeutics as they progress through clinical trials. This study will serve as framework that can be adapted for each therapy once better estimates on efficacy and cost are established.

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This 7 minute presentation is scheduled to take place on June 2, 2019 at 16:47 in the Salon 8.

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Corresponding Author: Dr. Evie Landry

Senior Author: Dr. Anne Schilder

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