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Date: June 3, 2019
Location: Lobby of the Macdonald Hotel

“Effectiveness of Adjunctive Mitomycin in Otolaryngologic Procedures: a Systematic Review”

Kimberly Luu, Paula Tellez, Neik Chadha


Objective: Systematically review all literature on the adjunctive use of mitomycin in otolaryngologic surgeries to report the effectiveness and adverse events.

Methods: A search of MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL databases was performed. Meta-analysis was deemed inappropriate due to study heterogeneity.

Results: 500 abstracts were reviewed and 67 papers were included in the final analysis ranging from case series to randomized control studies. The majority of studies reviewed the effectiveness of MCC in dacrocystorhinostomy (n=38). Other systems included: choanal atresia (n=6), endoscopic sinus surgery (n=8), airway procedures (n=7), esophageal (n=6), and other (n=2). Overall, 62% (n=18) of the papers concluded that topical MCC was associated with improved surgical outcomes. Positive effect was reported in 83% of esophageal studies and 71% of airway studies. There were no reported adverse events.

Conclusions: The published literature on the effectiveness of MMC is mixed, but suggests topical MMC improves surgical outcomes in esophageal and airway procedures.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the current uses of Mitomycin in otolaryngology
  2. Critically appraise the available literature on effectiveness
  3. Apply the data in clinical decision making

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This 7 minute presentation is scheduled to take place on June 4, 2019 at 10:07 in the Hall C.

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Corresponding Author: Dr. Kimberly Luu

Senior Author: Dr. Neil Chadha

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