2018 CSO General Scientific Program

“Coblation transoral lingual tonsillectomy in patients with chronic lingual tonsillitis: a case series.”

Marc-Antoine Poulin, Jerome Langis, Jean-Philippe Vezina



Chronic lingual tonsillitis is a rare but underdiagnosed condition. This study aims to report the safety and effectiveness of  coblation lingual tonsillectomy for the treatment of this disease.


Six patients with chronic lingual tonsillitis underwent surgery between June 2016 and June 2018 at the author’s Institution. The same surgeon used coblation (CoblatorTM) and a rigid 30 degree telescope for lingual tonsillectomy.


Surgery was completed in all six patients with no major intraoperative or postoperative complication. Mean operating time was 40 minutes and blood loss was negligible. At 1 month postoperative follow-up, flexible endoscopic evaluation demonstrated complete healing of the surgical site in all patients. Four patients had complete symptom relief while 2 patients had slight residual discomfort.


Lingual tonsillectomy using coblation appears to be an effective and safe technique for the treatment of chronic lingual tonsillitis in selected patients.

Learning Objectives

1- By the end of the session, Otolaryngologist and resident will be able to recognize classical clinical presentation and endoscopic findings of chronic lingual tonsillitis.


2- By the end of the session, Otolaryngologist and resident will be able to describe various surgical techniques for treatment of chronic lingual tonsillitis.


3- By the end of the session, Otolaryngologist and resident will be able to portray advantages and limitations of lingual tonsillectomy by coblation.

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Corresponding Author: Dr. Marc-Antoine Poulin

Senior Author: Dr. Jean-Philippe Vezina

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