2018 CSO General Scientific Program

“Can focused/ dedicated interactive careers teaching help improve the likelihood of UK medical students to consider a career in otolaryngology?”

Sanjana Bhalla, Issa Beegun, Vikas Acharya, Zaid Awad, Neil Tolley



To our knowledge, there is no dedicated careers teaching which help students consider a career in ENT. Instead they must attend talks, speak to mentors and research themselves to gain more information on the specialty. Currently, there are variations of the exposure to ENT that each medical students receives therefore each student experience differs.


We organised a dedicated careers teaching session for final year medical students at Imperial College London. A pre and post session feedback form was used to ascertain their knowledge of the specialty and training pathway before and after the session.


Our results showed that a dedicated careers session for ENT increased the likelihood of medical students considering ENT as a career, as well as making them better informed regarding the career pathway.


We conclude that a dedicated careers teaching session should be incorporated into the medical school curriculum during the ENT rotation.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives

– to assess current reasons for students/ junior doctors choosing a career in surgery

– to understand how to broaden knowledge about careers within ENT for students/ junior doctors

– to appreciate the role of a careers session which could help focus future career planning of medical students

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